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Quianna considers problems as a challenge and enjoys finding creative yet appropriate solutions. Quianna is able to work out her own solutions, but also works well with a group to solve problems. Others find Quianna easy to understand. She also has the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand and then to respond appropriately. Conversations with Quianna are two-way. Always assured and confident in demeanor and presentation of ideas without being aggressively over-confident. When ideas are challenged by others, Quianna listens to their view politely, but is able to maintain a position firmly and persuasively without aggression.

Quianna is able to concentrate and stay focused for periods of several hours, even when tasks are relatively mundane. She has a high boredom threshold. Quianna enjoys working without supervision and always continues to carry out duties effectively. But also knows when a candidate’s advice or authority is required. She seeks help at the appropriate time. Quianna has a natural flair for jobs involving research, debate, and communication. She’s able to cope expertly with intricate detail. She responds to setbacks or adversity with redoubled vigour and enthusiasm. Quianna will never accept that defeat is a foregone conclusion, for inspires others to stay positive and fight on.

Quianna understands the importance of confidentiality, and can always be trusted not to reveal confidential or private information to unauthorized parties. Distinctive, perhaps distinguished. She habitually asks questions in order to fully understand a position or a statement.  Quianna feels it’s important to ask questions until the facts are clear and the truth is understood. She applies professional experience and her autodidact knowledge to  expertly forecast outcomes.

Quianna habitually ensures that objectives are clearly established, and that work is systematically carried out in order to achieve the objectives. She makes every effort to communicate and make plans clearly to others. When working to a firm but realistic deadline, Quianna always completes tasks to a high standard.  She reacts quickly and decisively in an emergency, keeping a cool head and effectively leading others. From a set of data, Quianna is able to establish a principle, or work out a rule, or suggest a reason for failure or success. Her analysis is has been described as “original.”

Quianna accepts criticism cheerfully, and uses criticism productively to develop own abilities and skills. She’s a skillful negotiator, who instinctively reads a situation correctly, understands the motivations and feelings of the other party, and chooses the right time to proceed or withdraw. Quianna is willing to face physical risks and danger, and has done to so without fear. She sets an example of bravery that she hopes will inspire others.

About Quianna Canada

Quianna Canada is an anti-police brutality activist, author, and opinion writer living in the United States.
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