R.F.E.S. frequently asked questions

Your R.F.E.S. Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Why did you write Running From Empty Shoes?

I wrote Running From Empty Shoes because I felt the world needed to hear  my story, that my memoir would transport my readers into year 2011-2014—I wrote it so my audience can see the real me. Yes, redemption, discovery, and justice were a few of those reasons, but the central and most important reason Running From Empty Shoes was created, is so that society will pay attention to voices of those who are asking for help. This includes, but is not limited to elected officials. We elect politicians so that they will put our best interest first, no get in office and do the opposite.

 For the people who don’t believe your story, what do you have to say to them?

 Well, they’ll just have to read Running From Empty Shoes. The truth-seekers who read the content in Running From Empty Shoes will enter a controversial world that’s going to cause a little discomfort.

It’s difficult to accept that the people we trust, or those we look upon with credulity, would engage in such egregious and heinous acts; it’s much easier for us to hold people culpable for egregious acts who we do not trust.

For those who don’t believe me, I’d tell them to read The Method of Zen by Eugen Herrigel. In his book he said, “Grasping the truth means neither more nor less than being gripped by it on a plane beyond your own thinking.”

Are you supporting any organization?

You. I support you and anyone who is here reading this. I will support you in your fight for justice, your call-to-action, and your trials of the heart. If you need to talk—I support you, because you were not ashamed to give me the support when I needed it the most. Running From Empty Shoes is my story, Running From Empty Shoes is your story.

Why do you consider yourself a libertarian and not a democrat?

Liberty is the principle objective in my life. I consider myself a libertarian because I want autonomy for America and freedom of choice. I believe in peace, prosperity, and social harmony.

Why are you interning if you specialize in campaign management?

Well Robert H. Jackson said education should be a lifelong process, the formal period serving as a foundation on which life’s structure may rest and rise—we can never have enough experience on our resume.

The expertise I have in campaigns came from experience, not school. I’m a firm believer that experience is one of the best teachers life can give. Experience has shown me what works and what didn’t.  Experience is an effective strategy.

Do you like internships?

I like interning or job shadowing for a company who is not selfish with their teaching and knowledge. I don’t like interning in positions where education is suspended and you’re treated like “the help”.

If you don’t have a degree in political science, why would anyone believe you’re intelligent enough to work on a campaign?

How many people do you know that have political science degrees, but aren’t using it? What about the number of people who have a political science degree and led campaigns and lost?  A political science degree covers government and its function, but the skills a campaign specialist should have can be obtained from other sources or degrees like:

  Oral and written communication    Problem-solving     Ability to interact with diverse populations     Computer literacy
Decision-making      Analytical thinking      Ability to market ideas       Ability to collaborate as a part of a team
 Leadership abilities   Research skills    Understanding of community needs   Work well under pressure

I’ve have learned all the skills listed above. I don’t have a political science degree. I don’t regret it. People believe the absence of a political science degree is a privation of experience and expertise. This ideology is at times, a deterrent. Trust and qualifications are the optimal degree.

If you are interested in how I can assist your campaign initiatives, contact me at campaigns@runningfromemptyshoes.com.

Are there any groups of people you support?

I support those who believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom from oppressive government. I support all groups that are disenfranchised, including but not limited to African Americans, the LGBT community, believers in constitutionality, and other marginalized groups. I support a world that is open-minded and free thinking, a world where there is no tolerance for hate.

What was jail like?

Jail is not to fancy, although I must say, TCCC in Del Valle TX had yoga and other classes that kind of takes the “locked-up” feeling out jail.

Hillsborough County was the vilest jail. The food was revolting, sometimes unrecognizable; the correction officers were cruel and abused their “right” to retaliate. Some of the guards had a disdain for educated inmates, found them to be a threat.  Jail is the last place (in my opinion) anyone wants to be. Incarceration doesn’t provide any opportunities; however, it does create a space for rich solitude if one requires this.

How have these events shaped you? 

 These events shaped me in many ways. Many of the ways they helped me grow, I talk about in  Running From Empty Shoes.

Do you regret moving to Florida?

Yes. I know some people would say they don’t regret any experience in their life. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I don’t think I would have made the same choices. Of course, the fetus of Running From Empty Shoes would have never developed completely—and this crosses my mind sometimes. What I do appreciate about relocating to Florida, is that the move hurled me into poverty, dropped me into a ring against powerful people, and tested me, every step of the way. This journey has made me resilient, resourceful, courageous, indefatigable, cautious and diligent. I don’t believe another experience would have taught me how to harness these characteristics, and to have them work in my favor, or wield control over them fully like Florida has done.

Has the perpetrators in Running From Empty Shoes been brought to justice?

No. The only way this will ever happen is through Running From Empty Shoes , activism, and education.

Where there any public figures you ask to help you? If so, what was their response?

Good question. I asked numerous public figures in our government for help. I contacted many people to bring awareness about sexual assault.  In Running From Empty Shoes, there are many chapters that fade in on my efforts in trying to build a relationship with my political figures.

Are you still Running From Empty Shoes?

Everyone in some way runs from empty shoes. Running From Empty Shoes is running towards your dreams, goals, and aspirations; leaving whatever rugged or worn out perceptions or lifestyles far behind you. For some, Running From Empty Shoes could be letting go of an addiction and running towards sobriety; leaving an abusive relationship behind and running toward self-love and healing. Running is often connoted as a negative action or verb, as if we’re escaping problems we need to accept and attend to in the present. Running From Empty Shoes turns “running” into constructive, encouraging, and progressive actions—running successively towards worthy things, abandoning obstructive patterns, leaving them in the dust.


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