Let’s Talks About White Supremacy

Let’s Talks About White Supremacy

Street Epistemology (SE) has a segment on YouTube called Cordial Curiosity. SE is the application of epistemology (the study of knowledge) outside of formal academic contexts. It is a method and an approach for having meaningful, civil, non-confrontational, respectful, and productive conversations that are orientated toward aligning our beliefs with reality.The aim of Street Epistemology is to help people examine the processes they use to come to knowledge, become more reflective about their beliefs, and break through dogmatism. Street Epistemology is dialectically based, grounded in the Socratic method, and modified by recent evidence-based advances across a wide spectrum of disciplines, such as motivational interviewing, applied philosophy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Beliefs, Claims & Opinions:
00:00 | All people and all races are equal.
00:15 | The system of white supremacy should be dismantled asap.
00:18 | It’s up to white people / people in power to do that.
00:52 | Racism is a system.
01:58 | Most of the world’s problems stem from white supremacy.
02:08 | It was a system initiated to control the world.
02:45 | Anywhere you go on the planet, white supremacy controls.
04:10 | This system allows a small to group to control the world.
05:20 | Racial communities create their own economic systems.
06:25 | Each system has it’s own rules.
06:28 | #BarackObama couldn’t do what he wanted because of the WS system.
07:56 | The super rich control the country.
08:21 | People of color haven’t had the opportunity to fairly compete.
08:34 | #BarackObama got into power from corporations tied to slavery.
09:05 | Stop and frisk is unconstitutional.
10:16 | The true populations of the planet would need to be reflected everywhere in order for this system to no longer exist.
11:35 | The people in power could eliminate poverty over night.
13:17 | The system creates a cycle of crime, poverty, and ignorance.
13:52 | People of color don’t have the power to change the system.
15:00 | Equality means the same demographics of people in government oversight.
15:40 | Affirmative action reflects the actions of the past.
16:48 | The overall racial makeup is unequal.
17:12 | People of color aren’t skilled enough for good jobs because of lack of opportunity.
17:45 | Sports is equality, a meritocracy. Those in power know this and don’t want to do the same in general society.
20:00 | Equality of opportunity will internally shake the system of white supremacy.
20:45 | It’s much harder for people of color to get loans.
21:38 | Reforming the education and banking systems are key.
22:19 | Investments (from banks) is rarely a numbers game, more personal.
24:12 | Seeing an uninhibited push for equality by the government would change his confidence about the system.
25:00 | People of color are still owed payment from fighting in the civil war.
25:30 | The key is giving people of color an opportunity, a fair shot.
26:08 | White people got a head start.
26:35 | The privilege has been stolen from the white elites.
27:05 | The world is becoming more developed, lessening the power of the elites.
28:42 | The country is becoming more fragmented because of globalization.
29:00 | People of all races need to work together to avoid the world from going to hell.

Confidence Level:
02:31 | (White supremacist system is real and true) – 100%

Reasons for Belief:
02:46 | People of color are not represented at the top of any powerful systems, where decisions are made.
04:00 | There is always something that is controlled by the white supremacist system.
08:47 | Financial corporations apologized for being tied to slavery.

Let's Talk About White Supremacy; Street Epistemology; Quianna Canada; runningfromemptyshoes.com
03:00 | Anywhere in the world white supremacy takes place?
03:32 | Could there be a group of non-white people who are not affected?
04:22 | What do you mean by white supremacist system?
06:00 | Could the people who control this system be from any race?
10:02 | What would the world look like if a white supremacist system no longer existed?
14:43 | Does equality mean all jobs would reflect the demographics of all people in the world?
20:25 | What do you mean by economic opportunity?
22:45 | Would an example of fair business practices change your confidence?
24:00 | What would have to be true in order for you to change your confidence?


To learn more about street epistemology (this conversational method), please visit the SE website.


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Quianna Canada is an anti-police brutality activist, author, and opinion writer living in the United States.
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