Boycott A&E for Cultivating White Supremacy

Boycott A&E for Cultivating White Supremacy

Boycott A&E for Cultivating White Supremacy

Boycott A&E for Cultivating White Supremacy—I was surfing the internet when I came across Melanie McFarland’s article, A&E announces new series “Generation KKK”My views are in the same vein as McFarlands, that it would be nice to “..see a series that takes a compelling look at the lives of families struggling to make ends meet, people caught up in systematically imposed cycles of poverty and injustice. Or a series that deeply explores what life is like for people in communities where unarmed men and women of color are gunned down by police or one that examines how difficult it is to exist in towns where the demand for manual labor has all but dried up,” but no, not A&E. The subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company has chosen to cultivate white supremacy.

Argument: But the documentary educates rather than promote hate; not to mention, there are people wanting out of the KKK in the series. Plus, Generation KKK includes anti-KKK activist endeavoring to educate and or change the views of the members. The film is a ruse and at best, classic conditioning.

CLASSICAL CONDITIONING The formation of connections or associations between related sensations, emotions, or thoughts is the basis for an evolutionarily old and important form of learning known as classical conditioning. Since the late nineteenth century, a collection of standardized conditioning (training) procedures have been used to study associative learning and, more recently, its neurobiological underpinnings.

Classical conditioning plays a role in many psychological phenomena. Emotions, as already noted, condition rapidly and easily, especially when the emotion is intensely felt. Attitudes and preferences are equally susceptible to modification by association. Attitudes toward people of other races, nationalities, or religions can be influenced by how they are portrayed in the news or entertainment media.

Why Generation KKK is a Problem

White supremacy is the belief in the superiority of the white race, especially in matters of intelligence and culture—promoting crimes, including but not limited to New Era lynching, disenfranchisement, and terrorism against individuals based on their race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Who Does Generation KKK Effect?

The overrate education of Generation KKK would affect impressionable youths who are unable to distinguish between gross hatred in the United States and a racy reality show/documentary that aims to educate.

Impressionable Dylann Roof bought a .45 caliber Glock handgun with money his parents gave him for his 21st birthday and practiced shooting in his South Carolina backyard, taking selfies of himself with Confederate flags. Then, like an increasing number of extremists bent on racial violence, Roof decided to be a lone wolf and murdered 9 members of a Baptist Church.

1. An average American child will see 200,000 violent acts and 16,000 murders on TV by age 18.

2. Many shows glamorize violence. TV often promotes violent acts as a fun and effective way to get what you want, without consequences.

3. Children imitate the behaviors they see on TV. Children under age eight cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy, making them more vulnerable to learning from and adopting as reality the violence they see on TV.

4. Repeated exposure to TV violence makes children less sensitive toward its effects on victims and the human suffering it causes.

5. A 15-year-long study by University of Michigan researchers found that the link between childhood TV-violence viewing and aggressive and violent behavior persists into adulthood.

Footnote: Health System — University of  Michigan Television and Children

How Generation KKK Indoctrinates

The documentary normalizes hatred and will be an attempt to indoctrinate the viewership of #AETV, which will likely affect our youth through:

1. Attitudinal Inoculation: The documentary will attempt to change the viewerships attitudes by initially exposing them to small doses of KKK propaganda and arguments for any in (opposition) or against their position.The KKK’s explanations will no doubt be highly biased and inaccurate and will contribute to the sympathizer’s belief system that white supremacy should be practiced.

2. Fear Inoculation: Generation KKK will indoctrinate sympathetic whites on “whitening,”  an ideology of white superiority throughout the world, rationalizing European ascendancy over minorities and disenfranchised people marginalized for systemic and institutional racism, exploitation, and domination. Reinforced by #AETV media and persistent disparate treatment, marketing of the white race “is superior” ideal extends beyond loving one’s own race and skin color; howsoever, runs into the abominated misconduct of other races and skin colors.

3. Creative History Interpretation: The documentary, Generation KKK, will not aim to rehabilitate white supremacists that seek the abomination or lives of other races. The documentary will play into the selective visions and interpretations of KKK history, in such a way that it is inconsistent with national, social, and political progress and diversity; yet, consistent with the belief system of white supremacy—adding to the credibility of a belief system founded on hatred.

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER | Ku Klux Klan A History of Racism and Violence

4. Group Think Error: Furthermore, the documentary will enhance these xenophobic tendencies of accepting or continuing to accept a racist belief system; and more importantly, a belief system of radicalism due to the overall perceived credibility of such a system because we know groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the “outgroup” — and that outgroup includes cisgender women, gay men, lesbian women, those that identify as transgender, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, Native Americans, Blacks, and the disabled.

With your signature, together we can prevent networks from indoctrinating our children and fostering agendas that lay the foundation for future hatred in a society that seeks to dismantle it.

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Quianna Canada, Activist

How Can You Help
Please contact me at campaign [at] runningfromemptyshoes [dot] com

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Quianna Canada is an anti-police brutality activist, author, and opinion writer living in the United States.
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