DPS Trooper Butt Strokes Protesting Activist, Sending Her to Hospital

DPS Trooper Butt Strokes Protesting Activist, Sending Her to Hospital

Texas DPS Trooper Butt Strokes Protesting Activist, Sending Her to Hospital

Austin, Texas — DPS trooper butt strokes protesting activist, sending her to hospital on December 6, 2016.

Cops and klan go hand and hand,” is chanted in unison from anti-fascist revolutionary groups from around the state of Texas who came out to excavate white supremacist, Richard Spencer’s platform.

Student groups invited Nazi leader, Spencer, to Texas A&M — taking note of his separatist views while lionizing his white nationalist propaganda. Less than 37-seconds into the video, we hear activist shouting, “Not one inch!” after being shoved back by Texas DPS patrol officers.

Butt Stroke The act of using the butt end, or stock of a rifle to strike an enemy across the face, chest, neck, or other body parts.

The tempo crescendos, “Who do you protect, who do you serve? Who do you protect, who do you serve?” and then “Shut it down; if we don’t get it; shut it down!..” as Antifa activist marches to the memorial student center. Antifa’s message: Spread Love Not Hate. “Don’t let them push you over,” cautions a fellow activist, as Texas DPS officers reign in closer shouting, “Back up!” It was shortly after the harbinger, Texas DPS officer, Reese, butt strokes a female activist with his gun. The forceful strike brings her to the ground—she then attempts to gain composure; howsoever, loses consciousness again.

“Breathe, breathe—keeps your eyes open,” a fellow activist tells her friend, endeavoring to stay strong.

The military defense technique is in theory, used to defend oneself in hand-to-hand combat. Although no butt stroke deaths have been reported [provide a link to butt stroke deaths], there were two cases where men died after being head-butted and hit in the head with a skateboard.

“Ya’ll hit a girl with your rifle butt in the head, she got a concussion, and passed out. How do you feel about that?” asks Peaceful Streets Project activist Joshua Pineda. The Troopers remain silent after Pineda asks, “Do you have any emotions about it?”

With Texas A&M Administrative Assistant University PD, Robert Tountas filming the entire protest, and DPS permitting a fascist sympathizer to slip through the cracks — the student body was left wondering why Tountas failed to condemn DPS’s brutal acts. More importantly, why Texas A&M extended an invitation to such a divisive and discouraging speaker.

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  • Hackney, Garza, Delco, Reese, and Fountain were the DPS Troopers in PSP video.

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