5 Dangers of Political Canvassing

4. Canvassing in Inclement Weather

5 Dangers of Political Canvassing; read more: runningfromemptyshoes.com

Campaigns are all year around which means there’s a strong possibly you’ll have to canvass when it’s cold (Baby it’s cold) outside. There will be times when we need to defy the elements such as when we make it out for work, to the grocery store, or when we challenge ourselves with skates or skis.

According to Rachel C. Vreeman, MD, co-author of Don’t Swallow Your Gum! Myths, Half-Truths, and Outright Lies About Your Body, she tells us, “Cells that fight infection in body actually increase if you go out into the cold,” which can leave you wondering if canvassing in the rain or cold really can make you sick. You’d be surprised. A team of scientists from Yale University discovered that lower temperatures weaken the nose’s first line of immune defenses. The researchers started out by modifying a strain of rhinovirus—the kind of virus that causes most colds—to infect mice. They then tested how well the cells that line mouse airways fought off the virus at different temperatures, finding that cooler temperatures meant a more sluggish immune response and a greater susceptibility to infection.

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