7 Must See Movies For Year 2017

7 Must See Movies For Year 2017

I’ll tell you a secret — I’ll tell you the 7 Must See Movies For Year 2017 I’m looking forward to seeing.  There are other movies that did not make this list that I’m excited about seeing as well, such as, Power Rangers, Beauty & The Beast, and Justice League; not to mention Friday 13th which may make an appearance in theaters around October 2017. Power Rangers and Friday 13th didn’t make my list because I’m concerned about the lackluster plot line. Beauty & The Beast, my childhood favorite is a concern because of the animation, whereas, Justice League may be bombarded with too much animation the story-line falls short. With my 7 Must See Movies For Year 2017, the trailers and/or synopsis seems compelling enough to draw me into the theater.

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Quianna Canada is an anti-police brutality activist, author, and opinion writer living in the United States.
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