M.A. Nevvis — The Mind Mentor

21 Questions with Quianna Canada:

M.A. Nevvis — The Mind Mentor

M.A. Nevvis — The Mind Mentor,


M.A. Nevvis—The Mind Mentor. Being ten again may be nostalgic to some of us, and for others, folly and fragility may come to mind. Conceivably, not for one little boy at the ripe age of ten who would find himself journeying away from Brooklyn, New York to discover the meaning of life—changing his thoughts and keeping a record of them on page. He gives us full course of those thoughts, and it’s in, Evolution, The Series of the Mind, that we connect to M.A. Nevvis’s remarkable maturity.


Quianna Canada: Is there a beauty to writing?

@M.A.NEVVISThere is a beauty to writing because this world is filled with fantasies that humans rarely get to experience. Writers like myself quench those thirsts and desires by using the reality in our minds and applying it into the depths of our readers .


Quianna Canada: Can your readers see the beauty that you’ve just described?

@M.A.NEVVIS:  My readers can expect to relive their lives in ways that are unheard of. Emotions will be rediscovered and fought, tears will appear, smiles will spread, and surroundings will not exist for a short time. You won’t notice your surroundings while reading this book. It’s like you are inside of the story.

M.A. Nevvis on Religion


Quianna Canada: In Evolution, The Series of the Mind, you speak about your faith in God. In what way has religion guided you?

@M.A.NEVVIS: Faith is a matter of opinion. I know that He exists because His word says so. His word is absolute proof of that. Religion is not the foundation of His existence. So no, religion has not guided me, but, His spirit does. My point is that religion and God, religion and Jesus, and religion and reality are not partners of reality. The sooner that we ALL realize that the better. We are weak alone, we are lost alone , we are blind alone…


Quianna Canada:  What would you tell an atheist that is skeptical about reading Evolution, The Series of the Mind?

@M.A.NEVVIS: I would tell an atheist nothing at all. We all have to take responsibility for our actions whether we think we would or not. As to my book, it is based only on my life and my experiences. There will be skeptics and those that will agree. In the end nobody will be able to decipher what is right and wrong about who I am or what I have endured. Our lives are our own, not anyone else’s.


Quianna Canada: Values are important. What important value can readers expect to see in your book?

@M.A.NEVVISThe most important value that readers will see is: an unconventional viewpoint of the difference between reality and fantasy.


Quianna Canada: What is your greatest strength?

@M.A.NEVVISMy greatest strength is also my greatest weakness, which is my mind. It creates its own brand and own life, yet my soul is left to endure its every breath.


Quianna Canada: How do you feel about people that have had books written about them, like celebrities—when they take all the credit and the acclaim. How does that make you feel?

@M.A.NEVVISI believe we are each our own. No judgment of another person makes any other better than him or her.


Quianna Canada: What was difficult about writing Evolution, The Series of the Mind or any other book you’ve written?

@M.A.NEVVIS: The most difficult thing about writing this book was the fact that my physical could not keep pace with what my mind spoke. There were words lost in translation that I have not yet been able to explain.


Quianna Canada: When have you been most satisfied with your writing?

@M.A.NEVVISWhen every breath of my mind was at the point of relaxation.


Quianna Canada: If you were offered employment, loved everything about the job, and were paid the salary that met your needs, what kind of work would you see yourself doing?

@M.A.NEVVIS: Writing and researching the minds of myself and others.


Quianna Canada: Name three of your favorite authors.

@M.A.NEVVIS:  Paul, Jesus, and GodMy favorite authors are those that wrote the Gospels of the Bible.


Quianna Canada: If you could meet any author, living or dead, who would it be?

@M.A.NEVVISPaul and God. Jesus had his words spoken as well in the view of His disciples, so, I would like to meet him the most.


Quianna Canada: What would you tell Paul, Jesus, and God—and why?

@M.A.NEVVISI would tell them all that I love and cherish every single thing that they have done for all mankind. Because, without any of them I would not be able to be at peace.

M.A. Nevvis on Superpowers


Quianna Canada: If you could write a book and give the protagonist a superpower what would it be?

@M.A.NEVVIS: The power to put peace in the hearts of every single person on the face of this earth in the blink of an eye.


Quianna Canada: Why did you choose this superpower?

@M.A.NEVVIS: Because the evilness in this world is destroying it slowly and painfully.

M.A. Nevvis on Connections 


Quianna Canada: Who do you want your writing to reach?

@M.A.NEVVISI would like my writings to reach people of like minds. He went on to say, To band together to defeat the cruelness and destruction that we all have had to endure at some point in time.


Quianna Canada: Do you have a ritual when you write? If so, what is it?

@M.A.NEVVISThe ritual is getting complete silence, complete composure, and searching within myself the message that would be the most powerful at the present time.


Quianna Canada: Who is M.A. Nevvis and why would anyone want to get you and your writing?

@M.A.NEVVISPeople love me and hate me at the same time. Whether they love me because I can relate to them, or whether they hate me because they feel as though I am a product of their insecurity is beyond me. To know me is to know everyone else in this world that desires to be accepted by only what their tender heart speaks. Our exterior is only a shell, a hub of what is really inside, yet is sometimes a mask of what we conceal because of the fear of rejection.


Quianna Canada: Name a poem you’ve written and one person you’d like to take on a journey into that poem.

@M.A.NEVVIS:  “It Is Written” is one of my favorites. It describes how, when, where, and why things are written within our souls and how it leaves a scar that is eternal. I would like to take those that mask their true self with me. None of us should ever be alone emotionally even though we are not alone physically.


Quianna Canada: What’s next for you?

@M.A.NEVVISWhat is next for me is to continue to be the person that I have become because of the person that I once was. That person is unstoppable with a guide of peace and humbleness.


Quianna Canada: Leave us with your favorite quote.

@M.A.NEVVIS“I love you… “

Running From Empty Shoes, a memoir

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