Unconventional Transgender Activist on the Rise

An Unconventional Transgender Activist on the Rise in Albany

If you reside in Albany, New York, you may have heard of Ajanee aka Schildno5, an Unconventional Transgender Activist on the Rise.

A collection of homosexual, heterosexual, and gender-variant people devote attention to the saucy and honest YouTube-r, who among us, gives some account of what’s heavy—raising compelling issues of the heart while endeavoring to uplift and entertain.

When you listen to Ajanee, you get a mélange of Lavern Cox in verve, the “tell-it-like-it-is” disposition and collection of thoughts parallel to Ms. NeNe Leakes, and the heart and contention of Shirley Chilsom.

Unconventional Transgender Activist on the Rise, Schildno5, Running From Empty Shoes, transgender activistHer not yet viral invective, and yet, timely “Acapulco” videos faces-off against the predators within our country, addressing an epidemic of hatred against trans and cis women, as may be those who are a minority—inclusively, women of color.

In her video, Cops are Getting Rid of the Unwanted, she says, “they are getting paid to ‘snipe’ you out,” citing the Sterling, Castile, and other killings by American law enforcement that have gone un-prosecuted.

It would be improper for the activist who is known for not holding back, not to lash out against a select few,“don’t try to make a person a ‘lesser’ minority,” Ajanee says to some minorities.

Threatened in her own community by her own race, the multi-racial activist knows the symptoms of oppression all too well—challenging the #Blacklivesmatter activist that persecute, have transphobia, and harass the LGBT community—referring the ones who do as hypocrites.

In contrast, she believes black people are not the only ones affected by police brutality, conveying to her white viewers “I don’t want you peeking in” on the issues. Not holding back again, and conjuring up the white male shot by law enforcement while wearing headphones, she went on to say, If you don’t think this affects you, then you’re off you’re f—– rocker.

Unconventional Transgender Activist on the Rise, ajanee_trans-activist, LGBT activist 2016

For a woman that’s not afraid to address the caveats with police brutality, nothing appears to be off limits. Without musical accessory, Ajanee harmonizes the imperishable truths in a world that’s unforgiving and painful—dejectedly giving an indispensable harbinger to her viewers about trans-homicides across the country.

Transgender Activist on the Rise, Running From Empty Shoes, Quianna Canada, Quianna S. Canada, Quianna Snoemie Canada,

Ruth Butaumocho September 22, 2016

In her latest video, Fake Albany Trans Community, Ajanee talks about the disharmony that has mounted, namely a trans-group called, Voices of Unity. Here, she underscores the formative opposition, envy, and vice—characteristics believed to have become the torn fabric that has ruined a good community.

“It’s very much the 1920s,” says Ajanee, where black people were treated terribly, not allowed to vote or to mingle with other people that were white, not to mention, how trans-women were misgendered and “drowned” in male pronouns.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that Magnus Hirschfeld, most celebrated as The Father of Transgenderism, introduced the term “transsexual” separating transgender people from transvestites. 1) Transgender History: Into the Modern Age (1700s -1932), The Bilerico Project.  Ajanee addresses many other issues in today’s media:

For starters, Ajanee is not too enthusiastic with Michelle Rodriguez, who told Trans People to “Calm Down.

Unconventional Transgender Activist on the Rise, Michelle Rodriguez Wants Trans People To "Calm Down"

And secondly, her video, Caitlyn Jenner Doesn’t Give a Fuck About Trans People, speaks volumes. It has injected a dose of sensation to trans-rights. We get a sense that the, I am Cait reality-star—then Bruce Jenner—a Kardashian in spirit, has stolen all the home runs that every talented trans-women has ever hit.

Ajanee’s cynicism takes root in politics, by which Jenner accepted accolades, like the Arthur Ashe and Woman of the Year award—a complete deprivation of recognition of worthy trans-women that have devoted blood, sweat, and tears—and many years—protecting the rights of transgender people.

a community outraged

Ajanee is also disappointed with Jenner’s pledge of allegiance to republican Ted Cruz, and how he supported the discriminatory bathroom bill.

The bill cringed many, like the LGBT community, who became outraged when Jenner said, “I like Ted Cruz”—a statement that didn’t sit well with the community, one that they would call, “sickening.” For others, Jenner will always be too cowardly to fight against politicians to ensure transgender rights, will always be too rich to care.

She tells Jenner, “Until you understand—until you really suffer and know what it is like to really be oppressed…don’t come into our lives…feel fab, while other people suffer.”

And leaves us with, “If people, places, and things do not work for you, I want you to get rid of what is useless, and keep what is useful.”  While bridging the gap between empathy and activism, if nothing else, Ajanee urges the trans-community to become one, and to stick together.

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1. Transgender History: Into the Modern Age (1700s -1932), The Bilerico Project.

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  1. I seen some of videos and they are unconventional. Whatever helps the community. I will pass this posting along.

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