When you interview for a campaign, one thing you should ask is if there is room for advancement. Sometimes canvassers are viewed as “the help” of the campaign, in that they “clean up” messes in the field, “look after” and give the community direction through outreach, or “feed” the community with healthy information that nourishes their political brain so that when the time comes (and it will come) they can make a sound decision. That’s why it’s one of the most crucial roles significant to any campaign. You are ultimately the influencer; show others the way!

Canvassers are often in the “arena” or at the center of political combat. When a canvasser learns to liaise the clash of ideologies and personalities, they can do just about anything. If you’re interested in politics or nonprofit functions, and are considering a career in this field—keep advancement opportunities in sight!

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You’ve shown that you’re determined, diligent, attentive, dedicated, and eager for this profession, and in return, the campaign should offer you a platform to advance upon.

You want to know some ways the organization or campaign can demonstrate they appreciate your diligence?

They can give you more responsibility, like arranging the publicity, protocol, and speaking schedules engagements, or allow you to set up and schedule conferences with local government officials.  If you write well, ask if you can draft the local inserts for candidate speeches.

If you are a skilled analyst, there might be room to become a pollster. A pollster measures public opinion, and especially has an eye for predicting election results. A canvasser can develop into an extraordinary coordinator, with the right leadership. What sense would it make to work months on a campaign and not be able to use that experience on your resume? If you mastered the art of canvassing and love the freedom it gives, decide to work for another campaign,  and your skills aren’t recognized: seek out another campaign who appreciates your work ethic, one that’s synonymous with your political beliefs.

One misconception campaign managers and politicians have (but won’t confess) is they think canvassing is mediocre—it’s not mediocre when it gets them elected, but compared to their position or the office they’re seeking, it can be quite low on the totem pole.

  • record the voter’s concerns;
  • tally donations you’ve secured;
  • tell them the technique used to persuade the community to vote in favor of your candidate or cause.

All this takes persuasion, communication, tact, and salesmanship, skills that are often tough to hone. It may have been an uphill battle thus far, but know that your efforts will be recognized, and remember, every moment of every day, do your best in ever way.


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Quianna Canada is an anti-police brutality activist, author, and opinion writer living in the United States.
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