The “Michigan Left”: Senator Sanders went to Michigan  and teamed up with activist Erin Brockovich at the Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti and it’s anticipated that he will address the Flint’s water crisis concerns on that trip.

Clean water is one of the simplest necessities we take for granted. After the city of Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water−a conduit of Lake Huron and the Detroit River−to the controversial source of Flint River, it’s been a watery streak of lead contamination that’s become a severe public health concern. In January, Senator Sanders stood behind the citizens of Michigan and called for the resignation of the reckless (R) Gov. Rick Snyder, who believe, did little of nothing, as the thrown overboard Wolverines were left to fend themselves from Flint’s dark waters. The presidential hopeful attended an invitation only rally at the UAW Local 600 Union Hall on 10550 Dix Avenue. Not only do the victims of Flint need donations, clean water and public health services−it’s imperative for them to have a support system in our government−that’s resilient in terms of impeachment. As state manager, Gov. Rick Snyder responsibility is overseeing the operations of the state executive branch this, together with his gubernatorial powers−not an “embargo” for the health and safety concerns of the Michigan people.



Quianna Canada, campaign professional, Running From Empty Shoes, Author, texas/austin/quianna-canada, Bernie Sanders, office-of-the-state-attorney-13th-judicial-circuit-drop-all-criminal-charges-against-ms-quianna-s-canadaI think when we have cities like Flint Michigan—I can tell you I was there with the parents when they talked about the cognitive capabilities of the children when they are poisoned by lead in the water. It is painful. —Senator Bernie Sanders


Although Michigan has a republican form of government, it’s no doubt Senator Sanders will welcome the opposition, he’ll be determined to see the battle through. Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, a public official should ebb a part of himself in the society in which he should help. Yes, a (wo) man’s life is independent, and fraction of it is developing self, howsoever, accountable public figures seek to maintain and the develop the public’s sense of self and health as well.

On the public, they have refused to answer the door because they know a box of empty apologies from Gov. Snyder is sitting on the welcome mat. Sanders have described the murky situation as “unconscionable.”

In January 2015, Senator Sanders introduced the The Rebuild America Act of 2015. This act included $26 billion dollars to improve stormwater and wastewater treatment, create dams and levees to prevent flooding, and create better drinking water systems. View 2015 Rebuild America Act

In March 2015, he voted against a 2015 budget amendment that would have prohibited placing limits on exercising water rights as a condition for using or developing public lands.

It is anticipated that Sanders will travel through light of the Governor’s negligence in a straight lane with progressive thoughts on clean water. Clean water is our rights as humans on earth and because it’s our right, we will no longer allow the Michigan government to poison us again. Sanders will pass in and scrutinize Snyder’s wanton disregard through the door Gov. Snyder might not have realized, he “left” open.


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