What does it mean to be free? Merriam Webster’s Dictionary describes liberty as, the state or condition of people who are able to act and speak freely; the power to do or choose what you want to do; a political right. When it comes to freedom, I think everyone has their definitionsome people believe freedom is about being emotionally and spiritually connected to thyself, being one with the Universe, for others, freedom is more constitutional, like the right to exist in a country. To an unlimited number of people here in this American society, freedom has and will always be attached to the word “financial”  a type of freedom that has unlimited purchasing power, a freedom that distributes immediate intrapreneurship (and entrepreneurship). Freedom joins up with the belief that an infinite amount of money limits an amount of worries.

We know that money, in the grand old scheme of things; can buy just about everything. Howsoever, can money buy you freedom? Money has bought friendships and relationshipshas broken them. Money has influenced crime. Therefore, crime is influenced by the lack of money. Since 1834, ‘the mischievous ambiguity of the word poor'( Poverty) discussion has been held, and to this day, the weight of this controversy sees and hears no mitigation. Money, the freedom associated with it, has widely been described as the root of all evil, then again, is that viewpoint supported by facts?  Is money one of those necessary evils lacking in the life of a few of us? Comparing material gains such as money against intangible benefits such as happiness is impossible since their qualities differ to such a large extent. Examining the preferential treatment of those with money against those without is conceivable since the wealthy’s preeminence varies to a large extent to the scarcity of a poverty-stricken person.


Norman Solomon said, “Reverence for celebrities is the flip side of tactic contempt for “average” people. It can be an insidious process: As we focus on the famous, other people fade into our peripheral vision. By an unspoken and unconscious logic, the world becomes populated with a few somebodies and a glut of near-bodies.”

We’ve seen this in The People vs. O.J. Simpson, with Justin Beiber‘s DUI, and the infamous Ethan Couch, celebrated by the media as the  Influenza Teen. For (s)he who draws a blank, Vince Neil should serve as a reminder as to how cash can shield an individual from years of imprisonment. It’s money dispensed- justice served. We know when a celebrity goes to jail their reputation strengthens: book deals flow in, The Good Morning Show sends voicemails,  record sales are made and tracks soldfree food and charity given, not to mention free press on the house. And who can forget the ultimate reward, the Get Out of Jail for “Free” Card.

When an average person goes to jail, they become a disgrace to society. Friendships vanish (of course; real friends don’t), their occupation is on trial, most get barred from employment, the reality is, the average person’s morality and reputation are now, taken under advisement.

But what about the indigent? read more


Is it disturbing that people without money are withheld an adequate legal defense? Come on; you’re well aware of public defenders and how they interact with the accused. Sure, public defenders take hundreds of cases, they are even inveigled by judges and prosecutors, but to bar the indigent from the best defense? Isn’t it true, the reason they go to law school and become an attorney is to battle injustice, protect the constitution?

The defense lawyer has several fundamental duties to their client and their role as a defense lawyer:

  • The defense attorney serves as the defendant’s counselor and advocate and should strive to render efficient and quality representation.
  • The defense lawyer should seek to reform and improve the administration of criminal justice and strive to correct inadequacies or injustices in substantive or procedural law.
  • The defense lawyer should act with reasonable diligence and promptness when representing the defendant.

Money buys time beyond the razor wire. The less money you have, the more time behind it; the shorter the trial, the closer the death penalty is. The first thing to notice if you ever get the privilege to step inside a wealthy person’s cell is how “un-prison” like it is.

Whenever there is high diagonal weave for the rich, there is great inequality and injustice. For one elite criminal who will not be brought to justice, I can only imagine 1000 poor people that will; have been, and forever will be entangled in the sticky web of incarceration.


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Quianna Canada is an anti-police brutality activist, author, and opinion writer living in the United States.
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